Holding hands

What kind of caregiver are you? Are you the Manager, the Searcher, the Loner, the Techno-Virtual Caregiver, or some combination of all of the above?  You can find out with the new Guide for male caregivers.

This Guide is one of a few caregiving resources directed specifically to men. It is not a "how to" care Guide but rather a way for men to better understand why they care, the style of caregiving they provide, and how they can become self-determined, balanced and guilt-free caregivers.

Highlighting this easy to use Guide for men are many quick assessments and other important resources which can help men better understand:

We welcome you to read reviews of the Guide as well as readers comments.
Samples of the Guide's Contents, Foreword by Gary Barg and Introduction are also available on this site.
iPad/iPhone users go here for samples of the Guide.